Tuesday, July 01, 2003

And so we begin....

I've got a bit of catching up to do here. I moved to the GSM from South Carolina back in November of 2002. My intention was and is, to raise goats and chickens....and generally retreat from the world. I've found a whole new sort of family up here. The Appalachian people are very special. You may find some to these stories amusing, but please keep in mind that I have the utmost respect for my neighbors...who constantly amaze me with their kindness, humor and intellect. It's a different kind of smart that comes from living on the edge of humanity where God makes his presence known on a daily basis.

I am a Southerner by birth and grew up in a rural coastal town in South Carolina. The culture I came from has been erased by development and there are only dim shadows of the Gullah left there. It just became evident that it was time to head for deeper woods. So here I am.


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