Sunday, February 20, 2005

Life in the Rain Forest

We've had so little sun this winter and perhaps the only good thing has been the lack of snow. It feels like England, this winter. Oddly warm at times and always wet. The mist comes up from the holler like a solid thing that you can touch and taste.

I've been fighting a cold. Actually my second this winter. I didn't even make it to church today. I'm an Episcopalian and things would be much easier if I were Baptist and could go to one of the hundreds of little churches dotting the countryside. Instead I travel to Newport for church. I still haven't gotten an invitation to attend a snakehandler's service. I still want to go...not to handle snakes...just to watch. It's illegal so you have to know someone.

I'm working on the blog and writing a new skin for it. Once I get that settled I'll upload some more stories.


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