Friday, November 21, 2008

I've decided this is the reason I, embarrassingly, find myself drawn to the movie theater to see Twilight. Or perhaps some sort of former professional interest in the makeup--which does look very interesting--model perfection in the pouring rain and cold. God, I'm glad I didn't work on this one. I think I would have been in tears the entire time. It would have been Coniston Water all over again. There are few things more miserable than following actors in the driving rain making sure they don't muss themselves. Because they have a rare talent for that--mussing themselves.

Anyway, not sure I'll be able to see this today as we woke up to a snowy day. Nothing much sticking but it's cold and miserable. And, of course, the movie isn't playing at Newport's cinema. Guess it wasn't churchy or killy enough for them. Those are the two entertainment draws. What they think is wholesome and body counts. They are so going to be sorry since this thing is showing serious momentum. Guess they didn't know they were Mormon vampires. (Not really, but the author is Mormon and some of that does come through in her work.) So, I'll have to haul myself to Waynesville or Sevierville or Morristown. Arrgh.

I've read the book and I think it's going to be a better film since the book was heavy by at least 200 pages. Totally needed the cuts. And I'm thinking--as much as I razz on the vampire book writers--I probably could do it so much better. I know I could. But here's the thing. I wouldn't want to use my own name--cuz I'm like, a serious litrary writer. Srsly.

So far, my Zoe friends have come up with "Lustine" (Thanks, Gerry!) and Lecroix (Thanks, Tim). Lustine Lecroix. Think you can do better? Go ahead. Make my day--rename me.


  1. Bad Alice said...
    I cannot wait to see this film. I read all the books and shamefacedly enjoyed every one of them. Despite the fact that the author has some sort of attachment to the word "smirk". Everyone smirks. You should so write a vampire book. Appalachian vampires. I see a series, I do. I read oodles of vampire books, particularly the ones aimed at teens.
    Rosie said...
    I just read the first one and the prose was a bit painful to get through--but it looks like her editor whipped her into shape for the second one--it's still very simple uncomplicated prose, but readable. She does use "smirk" way too much and sometimes in odd places.

    Thing is, anyone can get a vampire book published if it is even a tiny bit readable. This is why I need to do so under another name. I probably also need to stop razzing the vampire writers.
    kazari said...
    Oh Rosie, I would DEFINITELY read a vampire book by you! I haven't read any since Anne Rice, but I love them.
    And as for pen names - do you know your porn star name? It's the name of your first pet, and then the name of the first street you lived on.
    Mine would be Candoo la Monastaire!
    Galadriel said...
    Appalachian vampires? I would buy that book.

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