Friday, May 01, 2009

The dogwood trees are amazing this spring. The blooms are the size of saucers, the canopies dense as clouds--I don't think I've seen them quite like this before.

I've got a story that went live today on The Litterbox Magazine. It's called "The Ugly Tango Dancer." I hope you like it.

It was inspired was a stage I went through where I only dated people with disfigurements. Really. I think I had some metaphysical reason for doing so. I think I bought into the Hallmark idea that one's soul could somehow balance the accident of being born ugly. But I needed research to back up my belief. Thus, the ugly lover stage. What I found was that the two states, the physical and the spiritual, do not seem to be even distantly related. The ugly can indeed be ugly down to a cellular level. Their wounds do not ennoble them. The converse can be true of pretty people, but they are just as likely to be suppurating beneath their lovely skins. But the sad thing I found was that souls are much more likely to be ugly. They don't just pop out pretty--they are ugly like human babies are. Oh come-on--you know human babies aren't pretty! They come out looking for the world like blood drenched Shar-Peis.

Rail at me if you wish. Scream at me the things your mother told you. Or your minister. But it's true. We are ugly to the bone. If you aren't working on making your soul beautiful (and those who know me know I'm not talking about religion, Christianity or otherwise--you are as likely to adorn your soul in a church as you are to find a sensible, reasonably priced pair of Christian Louboutins) then you have the typical Quasimodo-ish human soul. And, as Stuart Smiley says, that's okay.

Anyway. I have to work at it lest I sink into a vat of bubbly nihilism. I'm way too fond of shadenfreude. I'm reading Andrew Davidson's beautiful debut novel, The Gargoyle, in an effort to sound less bitter and jaded. So far I found myself thinking, "Damn--he seems really vanilla for a porn star." 'Cause I'm ugly.


  1. Gary Carden said...
    I read (and reviewed) Gargoyle and was initially blown away by it - but after two months, my enthusiasm has waned. I feel like I have been had by a clever con artist ... that, and the fact that the protagonist (and his angel) have stunning powers of recovery ... but still, I'm a sucker for this "deathless love" stuff, even though I don't believe a word of it.

    However, I have something in which you might have an interest: Daddy Moonshine. This is the new book by Popcorn Sutton's daughter. It is not what you might expect....or at least, it isn't what I expected. Stay tuned.

    Oh, and I forgot about your wonderful involvement with people with deformities ... my ex-wife had that. It started with actors. Stacy Keach and that marvelous actor who played the villain in the Charlton Heston version of "I Am Legend." After she divorced me, she took up with an angry man in a wheel chair. I'm left to wonder what my deformity was.
    Gary Carden said...
    P. S.
    I have a photo of the cover of the book, Daddy Moonshine by Sky Sutton and I just posted a review. Would you like a copy of the photo? Come over and read my review "in progress." I'll keep revising and adding to it for the rest of the week.

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