Wednesday, January 13, 2010


For crying fucking out loud--how much longer am I expected to live in this godforsaken frozen hellscape?! Tell me. I need to know.

I think it's official. It is never going to get warm again in the American South. Not now, not ever. I think it's time we pull on our muttluks and start the mass exodus the hell out of here before the glacier covering my jeep envelopes my house.

I've not even gotten down the driveway to check the mail since I last posted. It was 10 degrees this morning. The sun is out this morning--perhaps the third time I've seen it in two weeks.

Anyway. I'm cold, broke, itchy and irritable. Thought I'd share. Muah.


  1. Margy Rydzynski said...
    Now you hang in there, girl. I know you're not used to that kind of cold but, believe me, it will go away. In the meantime, drink tea to keep yourself warm. That's not too expensive, is it?
    Galadriel said...
    I moved to FL 6 years ago. We have a sun room that heats the house during the day; in the time we've lived here, we've never had the heat on during the day.

    Until this winter. Wow. For a week we've had the heat on pretty much nonstop. This is an awful winter, even for those of us who don't usually have anything the rest of the world would call "winter." I can't imagine how horrible it is elsewhere.

    Hope you still have lots of wood. (Is the electricity back yet?)
    Galadriel said...
    Okay, I worded that badly :) Obviously if there's a glacier on the Jeep and you haven't even gotten down the driveway, you have a way to post from home, ergo probably electricity--but do you have HEAT?
    Gary Carden said...
    We got down to 3 degrees last Saturday and it has repeated that act every night since. My water froze and stayed that way. I fell in the woodpile where I had to break wood out of the pile with a hammer. It was a bad fall. I laid there for a while and watched the Big Dipper wheel about. Nobody came by so I had to get up myself. I do have an electric blanket and so I went to bed with Jack, my jack russell and pondered my state. About an hour ago, the guy who filmed my play sent me some "clips" and they are now on my blog. Please go and look at them and maybe post a comment. Comments foster the illusion that people read my blog.
    Paul said...
    One thing I came to notice the hard way is that there's a tendency to compare yourself to people in more fortunate conditions. It's like the billions of people in a lot worse shape than you somehow don't cross your mind or count.

    Guess it's one of the many life-lessons I've, uh, contracted, from a progressive incurable illness that I'd honestly rather not have had to learn. But for me, every day is literally "the best day of the rest of my life..."

    Hope that works for you like it does my cousin, who says I always cheer him up because of how much my life sucks! Dark humor's the only kind of chocolate I've got...
    Dianne said...
    I am just across the mountain from you in Del Rio. I had the same thoughts, especially Tuesday when it was snowing again and had been almost 2 weeks. But....the Southland has returned. Three days of 50 degrees, and the remaining snow will probably be washed away by the rain tonight. Sanity has also returned and February will arrive in 15 days.

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