Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Cold Dark Matter on DecomP

I've got a new story out on DecomP's new and improved site. It looks great and while I was expecting this story out in January, it's well worth the wait to be on such a handsomely designed page. I'm in good company with fellow Zoetropers Ethel Rohan, Bonnie ZoBell...and many others.

It's is one of my "ships in the night" stories. I keep revisiting that theme for some reason. There's probably some submerged psychological reason for that. I wrote the story for a dear, dear friend, who gets dearer by the day. I hope you enjoy Cold Dark Matter.


  1. Peter said...
    Hey, that's a great story! Intense, intimate and strange...I like the way it flows back and forth between "conceptual space" and observed images. I wonder what the friend who inspired this is thinking.
    Jessica Maybury said...
    Hey, just stopped by to say that I really liked your story, and congratulate you on your impressive list of published pieces! I like your blog, too. You're a quirky person.

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