Wednesday, March 24, 2010

...a real shitstorm is brewing.

I often wonder about the karma thing. It seems to make an awful lot of sense in my case. I've noticed that positive experiences are usually followed by horrid ones of equal or greater magnitude. Strangely though, the converse is not always true. You can have horrid events any old time and there doesn't seem to be a need for something happy or lovely to happen to balance them out. I desperately long for a mediocre, uneventful life.

I haven't updated in a long time, I know. I had the most fabulousest vacation down to the Lowcountry ever. I got to see my brother and sister, walk out on the dock, eat lots of local seafood, hang out at the Oyster factory and even drove up to Charleston to see the Angel Oak. It was so special and I felt restored, healed and so many other wonderful things. I probably have some stories to tell--the Bambipocolypse, for one.

But...I don't know...things just went south real fast when I got home. Bad things. Really bad things beyond post vacay blues. I can't really get into it all, but Fat Buddy is paralyzed in his hind end and he's hard to lug around, I'm sick, exhausted and so depressed I don't know what to do with myself. And of course the effing insomnia. You know, I need lots of rest after a major exertion and the vacation was certainly that. It just doesn't take much to send me over the tipping point. I can't sleep--when have you ever known me to update the blog at 7 a.m.? Now I've got the mother of all kidney infections. All I really want is to curl up by myself. I vant to be alone...

Have you ever noticed that when people know you want to be alone and you are pretty clear about it and it's a sort of dire need that it's like cats and the people who hate them? They understand you want to be left alone--but they seem irresistibly drawn to getting one last word in. Or one more tchotchky dusted. (Yes, dear, I'll be leaving this room as soon as I ...) But I've always been this way. It's the most canine thing about me. Like old Fat Buddy. He's totally acting like everything is OKAY. Except his hind legs don't work and he can't walk. (I'll steal snacks without any legs!) The more wounded a dog is, the more he wants to spend that time with himself. That's how I am.

And really, all that last word, whether it's comfort or condemnation , is going to do is prolong my suffering. I just need to curl up in my hidey-hole until I can work it out for myself. Don't worry. I'll come out eventually.

Either that or you'll find me here dead with some very obese cocker spaniels.


  1. Margy Rydzynski said...
    Yow! Hang in there, girl. I'll leave you alone, but will be hoping you come out of the funk soon!
    KarenS said...
    Hang in there, honey. Things change, they always do. You're on my mind, sending wishful thoughts for better days. Keep posting, we're listening.
    bob said...
    Sounds like coon hound paralysis. Peabo had it and I had to put him down.
    Rosie said...
    Ah--could be canine Epstein-Barr. Awww, Peabo! He was a fearless coon killer. It may be that, but if so, he's already past the most acute stage. It hit Peabo really fast as I recall. FB just got his bark back, unfortunately. He's using it to call taxi service (that would be me) to move him to other locations. Because the scenery gets old, evidently. And he's starting to drag himself around a bit better, particularly when food is being prepared. It's not sad like it was with Peabo--just irritating and I keep wavering about putting him down because he's still so active.

    Now if I can just get over the kidney infection, things will be on the upswing.
    Kathleen said...
    Lots of L*O*V*E to Fat Buddy! As long as he seems to be having fun, I would keep him around. My cockers have always made it very clear when they have had enough of THIS SHIT (meaning incarnation): they quit eating, and that means they are done, they love ya but they gotta go!

    So as long as he is relishing his chow, he's still enjoying Life with Rosie.

    I am very sad that his legs aren't working for him, though. I hope you feel better soon; kidney infection are TEH SUXXOR!

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