Monday, May 02, 2005

Death and Taxes

I was in town trying to get my tobacco allotment straightened out. The government will pay me to NOT grow tobacco. Actually I think they buy my poundage and sell it to somebody else. I'm not sure how that works. I also got the farm listed under the Tennessee Greenbelt program. It gives me a property tax break by appraising my acreage on its use value. Since the majority of my acreage is sheer vertical drop...that should be not much. Now that the state just leveed property taxes...again...I really need that program.

The weather was yet again, cold, windy and yucky this morning. I didn't go to First Monday since I mostly love taking pictures there and farmers look better in sunlight. I'll try again for the June one and hopefully there will be better weather.

Across from the county extension agent's office, I see this at the monument company.

Oh...please...tell me it's not a rice-burner.


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