Thursday, September 01, 2005

Rosie's Cocker Rescue Referral

Rosie's Cocker Rescue Referral


Old Maid's Aerie Farm and Jammery


The first annual Jelly, Jam and Preserves Fundraiser

Stock up for the holidays now with these lovely hand-made jellies, jams and preserves. These are completely natural "wild" food ingredients. There are limited supplies so please get your orders in soon. Once they are gone...they are gone. Please check this page for updates and availability. Will be shipping until supplies run out.

Suggested donations:

Half Pints.......6.00
Plus shipping..........Please refer to shipping guide

All proceeds go to the Fat Buddy and Babe Fund and RCRR

Currently shipping:

Wild Blackberry Jelly (half-pints only) Located down a secluded tract, accessible only by 4-wheel drive, is a burnt out farmstead where I gather these luscious blackberries. I always have to be on the lookout for the scent of "wet dog"...which means a bear is close by. This tastes of hot july afternoons and dark deep sweetness.

Zesty Wild Elderberry Jelly (half-pints only) If a blackberry and a blueberry fell in love...the elderberry would be their "woods colt". I gather these on the sides of mountain stream banks and springs.

Wild Elderberry Limeade Jelly (pints and half-pints)

Lime is the perfect accompaniment for the sweet elderberry.
Wild Kudzu Blossom Jelly (pints and half-pints) The legendary weed is finally good for something! Kudzu blooms have a sweet smell that is reminiscent of grapes and... well...something else you can't quite put your finger on. The jelly is a startling fuschia color, crystal clear and tastes of concorde grapes and tea. I guarantee it to be indescribable and completely unique.

Aunt Nell's Pear Chip Preserves (pints only) My great-aunt Nell Gleaton's astounding melange of pears, ginger and lemon. This antique recipe tastes of a Victorian childhood, times long gone by and girls in long white dresses.

Red Hots Apple Butter (pints only) This deep russet red apple jam is flavored with cinnamon candy and my own hand ground mix of allspice, cinnamon, clove and ginger. It smells and tastes like Christmas. The apples I use are as close to wild as they get...long ignored on old homesteads, yet still bearing.

In the Kettle(planned):

Banana Nut Bread Jam (October)
Wild Ginseng Jelly (November)


Please provide funds for shipping from zip code 37753 for your order based on the following weights. Shipping is by USPS Priority Mail unless otherwise specified. If shipping cost exceeds 7.70, the Priority Mail fixed rate box should be used. 7.70 for any weight, anywhere in the country. I can fit 6 half pints or 3 full pints in a fixed rate box.
Please indicate if you wish this option.

Weight Chart

1 half-pint
1 pound
1 pint
2 pounds
2 half-pints
2 pounds
2 pints
4 pounds
***Use Priority Mail fixed rate

Click Here for the USPS Shipping Calculator

Email me at with your order, then make your jam donation securely through PayPal here:

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  1. Galadriel said...
    Do you still sell canned/baked goods to support your rescue work? I went to your Petfinder site and clicked on "store" but the link was not found. I didn't see anything in your 2009/late 2008 posts about it one way or the other, and I haven't made it through your whole archive yet :)

    We have a wonderful delight of a rescue Cocker Spaniel (now 10, been with us since he was 8mo old). We'd enjoy supporting cocker rescue, especially with something as pleasant as the things you mention in your store.

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