Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Virtuoso

The Virtuoso
Posted by: rosiewolf.
The only person you have the ability to muzzle is yourself. Yes. I'm talking to you.

I will continue to be critical of George W. Bush who now surely has lost the largest number of civilian citizens to violent death under his rule as any president in our history. We don't need to have an inquiry...we need an indictment.

I will continue with my efforts to help my fellow Southerners, for whom I weep for daily. We have long, long memories down here, Mr. Bush. You will surely live forever in infamy. Not since Sherman have we seen the miserable likes of you.

You bastard. May you rot in hell.


  1. Vol Abroad said...
    I'm not disagreeing with the sentiment, but surely more civilians died violent deaths during Lincoln's presidency.
    Radiohumper said...
    I finally found you! Hello, Rosiewolf - it's your fellow buzznetter Paxgitmo. Thanks for the visit at Bring The Beef. I love how you southerners never come callin' empty-handed. : )

    I must say I am enjoying this series. The "Nero" parallel fits particularly well with the implications of imperial corruption and 'nepotism'.

    Vol Abroad- I'm late to this conversation, but I'd call that comment damning with faint praise indeed.

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