Thursday, February 19, 2009

I've been thinking about how one approaches something precious. Valuable. Cherished. Desired.

How do you do that?

Do you roll in like the approaching storm? Do you bend down and sweep it up--gallop away with it? Do you gobble it up with both hands? Do you carpe diem it into your jacket pocket, steal it, grab it, take it? Overpower it with your needs? Is force your style?

Or do you approach it like a wild animal that needs taming? Sidle up to it, showing your teeth in a friendly way? Do you speak softly, pleasantly and soothingly? Do you throw cookies on the ground and avert your eyes?

Not that either one is wrong. I'm definitely more of the second type. Reverential. Calm. Forcefulness can be nice later. But things have a way of flying away when startled. Sliding out of your hands when handled roughly. And because my style is the second, it's also how I like being approached.

I spook easily. And once you've handled a creature roughly--it's gone forever.


  1. kazari said...
    I am clumsy, awkward, and good at ruining precious things.
    So I tend to approach them sidelong, without really looking, or without really admitting to myself that this could be something precious I ACTUALLY WANT.
    I like to just sit with them for a while, until I'm sure they aren't going to run away, or break.
    Robert said...
    And once you've handled a creature roughly--it's gone forever.

    Rosie, that sounds likes something Mom would have said during one of her counseling sessions. I still try to heed her advice in most cases.


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