Friday, December 11, 2009

We’re proud to present the first Writers’ Bloc free PDF anthology. This one’s got 17 of the best pieces from our first three incarnations. Featuring Laura Garrison, Katherine Jamison, Matthew Dexter, Rosanne Griffeth, Susan Krysiak Avedissian, Marina Richards, Dan Morgan, Scott Shanley, Srinath Reddy, Brian Agurkis, Marina Blokker, Joseph Meredith, Christina Weil, Dennis Mahagin, Courtney Schroeder, Stacey Balkun, and Tom Fillion.

You’ll tell people about this if you know what’s good for you.

Rutger's Writer's Bloc has been kind enough to include "The Storm in the Park" as part of their first Pdf. anthology. I'm, of course, thrilled. Can't say enough good things about Writer's Bloc--one of the most promising new journals I've run across. The graphics are consistently skillful and witty--as is the content. Keven Dickinson, the editor and site designer, has done a beautiful job with Writer's Bloc--I expect to see many great things to come.

Please download their first Supplement of the Website Here to enjoy with your tea and crumpets, with or without cute little finger sandwiches and clotted cream cakes.


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