Sunday, September 04, 2005

Baron Samedi Bush

If I hear him say the results are "not acceptable" while failing to step up and take responsibility for what is obviously his failing as a leader, I will surely spew chunks. George W. Bush is no more fit to lead a nation than my nanny goat is.

We have been so sorely injured as a nation by this man and his merry band of fascisti. Up to this point, I've merely had a shuddering horror and dislike of him, his administration and his policies. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, I now realize that he is more than a dangerous, stupid madman. I no longer have to wonder what life must have been like for Romans under the rule of a Nero or a Caligula. I know. I watched this asshole fall apart while reading "My Pet Goat" to school children while the Twin Towers were hit. I've now observed him sit on his ass waiting for someone else to do something while hundreds perished and are still dying in New Orleans. The thought of this monster walking about stealing air while people are drowning like rats in their attics dismays me. It's just not right. He should be made to pay.

The fact that he fails to take responsibility for his gross incompetence yet again...well, I'm not surprised. I just wish there were some way we could get rid of him now and not have to risk another three years of his inept bumbling, global faux pas' and waste of life.

My apologies to any serious practitioners of reference to Samedi is because Bush now must be as well acquainted with the realm of death as the good Baron, having brought so very many over to that side. No offense was intended.

I find myself thinking that the poor, black population of New Orleans is the one disadvantaged population I would not like pissed off at me. I think we may see mass produced GWB voodoo dolls in the very near future. I'll take two!


  1. B said...
    Well if you never want to deal with this kind of inept politician then I would encourge you to vote. He will get what is coming to him in the Fall of 2006 in the mid term elections because Republicans will lose in droves!!!
    Rosie said...
    Please don't mistake me for someone who is NOT politically active.

    We also thought this during the last presidential election. Unfortunately, I'm not sure we will be able to have a fair election in this country without outside monitoring.

    Now that there is undeniable proof of the most heartbreaking sort that "evil" and "Republican" are virtually synonomous, they will start to eat their own. The cognitive dissonance coming out of certain right wing circles is pretty deafening right now.

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