Saturday, April 30, 2005

First Monday Coming up!

Day after tomorrow is the First Monday Market at the Morristown, TN Stockyards. I'm hoping it's going to be a fine day for a change so I can go do some shopping.

Morristown is 40 miles away from me and the closest place for serious shopping. They have a mall. Well...sort of a mall. It's not a mall by city standards but it's as much mall as we see without going to Knoxville. Morristown is mostly industrial, but has a charming downtown. It's also fairly big with Civil War Reinactors. Mostly I go there to visit Lowes, Office Max and the Tractor supply. I am now truly happy because they have a T.J. Maxx there.

First Monday is a traditional farmer's small livestock market. You would have seen these fairly regularly throughout history...they are a real throwback to an earlier time when the family farm was king. It's a chance to come down out of the hills, trade stories, sell chickens, take a break from the crushing manual labor, show off your canned and baked goods and make a little money on the side.

I go every chance I get...whether I have money to spend or not. I'll take my cage in the jeep just in case. I'm in the market for some Muscovie duck babies and some guineas.


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