Thursday, April 28, 2005
Posted by: rosiewolf.
Okay, I'm driving along and just get a pit in the bottom of my stomach when I see this.

I stop to investigate and am relieved that there isn't a body attached to these boots.

That would've plum messed up my day.

As it happens...somebody forgot to get their wading boots.


  1. Dope on the Slope said...
    My pappaw used to keep hip waders hanging from the ceiling of the basement and my mammaw said the first time she went down those stairs and those boots came into view, she thought he'd gone and hanged himself.

    Now that I live in Brooklyn, when I see a pair of shoes sticking out of the shrubbery in the park, I immediately hear that opening sound they have on "Law and Order."
    Rosie said...
    Yes, the "chink-chink" of Law and Order does tend to intrude upon my life more often than I'd like, as well....thanks to my stints in Dallas, LA and Atlanta. But this isn't the part of my neighborhood where they ususally leave the sort of should have know.
    JJ said...
    I got married in Monteagle. The preacher was late to the wedding because his friend had found a body in a nearby lake. It was face down and TBI wouldn't let them turn it over. He was so engrossed by trying to guess who it was, that he lost track of time.

    Glad you didn't happen upon a body.
    J said...
    Drat. It didn't take my name in that post above.

    I'm John. A.K.A or

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