Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Easter Llama

Has everyone been good little boys and girls? Expecting to find gobs of chocolate at the end of that mysterious trail of flour footprints in the living room? Expecting to see those toothmarks in the carrot you left on the plate before going to bed? Hmmmm?

It is a well known fact that Santa leaves coal in the stockings of those who do not meet his expectations. The Easter Bunny is, of course, a rabbit. Rabbit's aren't known for their long memories, organizational skills or vengeful natures.

That's why the Easter Llama is involved. So, be very, very good. Else you are invited to spend the day with the Easter Llama. You don't want to go there. These animals invented snark.

Disclaimer--Llamas are actually really sweet. They just look imperious, judgmental and as though they are showing off how much longer their eyelashes are than yours.


  1. threecollie said...
    I'm lookin' for jelly beans here...but haven't found any yet...Happy Easter
    Tara said...
    I tagged you.

    I know you just recovered from those other memes, but, well, I like you so I hafta tag you. :)
    Jo said...
    What can I say Rosie, I must not have lived up to the expectations of Dear Peter Cottontale. I found lots of bunny tracks in the yard, but not a single piece of sweet candy could I find....

    Hope you had a beautiful Easter.

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