Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tara over at Hobo Stripper tagged me for the Seven Things You Don’t Need to Know About Me Meme. Consider yourself tagged if you’d really like to do this one.

I’m doing a meme today because: a)it’s a rainy foggy day up here on the mountain; b) I have a short story that is pouring out into the laptop from my brain and I need to get back to it; c) I have about 10 hours of otaku goodness sitting in my mailbox from Netflix that is calling to me; and d) a collection of Murakami Haruki short stories I’m luxuriating in.

I’ve already shared with you such intimate details of my life—like being born with a tail and my Mafia boyfriends. Not sure what else there is to tell you.

1. In a desperate attempt to housebreak Max—I peed outdoors to show him how it was done. It sort of worked. He now pees in the bathroom if I leave the door open.

2. My poverty embarrasses me deeply. I feel great shame about it.

3. I was a vegetarian for over half my life.

4. I find beauty in strange places. You probably already figured that out.

5. When I was a kid, my brother enraged and tormented me by chanting, “Roseate Spoonbill”.

6. I consider my greatest failure in this life to be my inability to find a mate.

7. I so want reincarnation to be real. I honestly believe I’m owed a do-over—next time in a chassis that works and the soul I was supposed to run into for #6 walking the planet.


  1. Erica said...
    Numbers 2 & 6...This I understand all too well. Hopefully it's still not too late for either of us. We're good peeps and there's no reason why positive karma shouldn't tilt in our favor. I'd rather have a mate, though, as I could deal with being poor if I had love with which to buffer the pain.
    Rosie said...
    Well, ideally the mate thing should help out with #2 by their being employed or employable.

    I've conceded defeat on #6, but it's definitely not too late for you sweetie. You are still a youngster. Events like what happens in this short story, are firmly behind me. Just remember--you need to speak.
    Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...
    An interesting list and very revealing. You make me wish I could lift your burden. I am I am neither wealthy or much of a relationship catch. You are very intersting though!
    At least your brother called you after a wonderful bird. My sister called me "Philippo the Hippo!"
    Jo said...
    It used to crush me when my brother would tease and call me names. It seemed like he had a new one for me on a daily basis. The more things change the more they stay the same.... He is now 62 years old and his pet name for me is 'Devil Child'.

    As for #6 on your list. I believe that it is never too late for happy endings. At the age of 50, I knocked the dust of a lifetime of abuse from my feet and ended up finding my JD.... My happy ending!

    Hugs to you my friend!
    Mike Golch said...
    what do I say that will not make me seem like I bragging,well i'm just gonna say this.My first marriage was a disaster that lasted 5 years,with a few bright spots.I was 21 and by the time I reached 26 divorced and feeling shame that I could not make it work.So with my tail tucked between my legs I came back home to Cleveland.Vowing that I'll never make that mistake again,and you know what I did re-marry and I have been happly so since 1980.
    Rosie said...
    You are very sweet to say that, Phil.

    I'm actually very content with my life and with my regrets. I think there are two ways to end up having regrets--the first to have not taken enough risk in life and the second to have taken too many. I am of the latter. Failure is not such a bad thing when you have tried your damndest.

    And I think you are quite a fine catch!
    kazari said...
    oh rosie,
    i love that story.
    and i love your list.

    my sister used to call me either "big fat juicy hairy lips" or "big fat fungus" depending on her mood.
    Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...
    Rosie, Here is a funny footnote to my previous comment.

    A couple of years ago, (check my blog) I wooed a southern Gal, or she me. Her choice wasthat it shouldn't last. After she returned to the US I found out she had not been totally honest with me. She had been married 9 times before and had so other shortcomings. I got out by the skin of my tooth!
    MK Stover said...
    1.That is too funny :).
    2.I understand, but isn’t that weird? Why should it be shameful? Too much to analyze here, but it would be worth it to take a closer look…
    6. It may not be a failure. In fact, it’s likely that it’s a reflection of your independent nature rather than any shortcoming.

    I like coming over here to visit. Always thought provoking even when it's about nothin' and THAT is a good -wonderful- thing. Thank you :).

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