Sunday, March 09, 2008

Happy Sunday ~ Yay, Me!

I am so Meme'd out at this point--and I still have two more to go. After I get this spate of memes done, I will only recognize the meme-er--M'Kay? At least for a while.

I received some odd critiques of my work on some of my workshopping sites and I needed to back off before I used my powers for evil. So, I decided to pay attention to my submissions and get them back up to speed this past week. The roughs I generated over February needed polishing--there is always editing.

Anyway, I had a very happy Sunday, cause I got a piece accepted hours after I sent it out. Just in time for an attitude adjustment for the better!

I like seeing this when I sign into Duotrope:

Acceptance ratio: 18.18 % (Your acceptance ratio is higher than the average. Congratulations!)
Happy Sunday


  1. Anonymous said...
    Yahoo!!! Well deserved acceptance and recognition, Rosie!!
    Chris said...
    Rosie, you go to an Episcopalian church, is that correct?
    Leeuna said...
    Hey Rosie! I'm doing my little happy dance here. Wooohooo. That's fantastic news! Keep up the great work girlfriend.

    Hugs and congrats,
    threecollie said...
    Yay! You deserve it.
    kazari said...
    Go Rosie!
    I hope you know your meme is causing much drama. My husband, and the poor little 18yr old intern at my work BOTH read my blog...
    there's a fine line in there some where. I think it's obscured by whipped cream ; )
    bonnie said...
    Fine lines are finest when obscured by whipped cream. Better than Botox!

    Congrats on higher than average acceptance level. Nice!

    OK, sorry about the tag but guess what -

    ize makin lolpics
    iz all ur fault
    karma iz one boomer-dang.

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