Saturday, December 01, 2007

Max's Castaway Diary

In the year of our Lord 2007, December 1.

It is Day Four here in the remote wilderness where we find ourselves. It is inhabited by strange beings of a feathered clan that we are unfamiliar with.

I have tried in vain to discourse with them and learn something of their strange language. They seem to communicate in odd neck stretches, hisses and various honks.

Unfortunately, these natives are hostile. We have had to erect a barrier to keep them out. Even with much voltage coursing through the wires, they broach it and attack us, forcing us to flee for our lives.

I am forced to conclude that we may never be able to understand their language. Further I conclude, that they are dangerous…and possibly delicious.

We can only pray that help will arrive soon.


New Porn and Donuts being served up hot and fresh on EditRed.

Mistress Mona’s Lingerie and Adult Emporium was tucked away on an industrial side street on the north side of Knoxville. It was the sort of place that you had to know was there. Mistress Mona kept a large selection of plus-size lingerie and a special section of fuck-me pumps in sizes up to 14DD in stock. The clientele was a mixture of drag queens, strippers, working girls and lately, some fairly straight-laced couples. The couples were the result of the proprietor’s most recent marketing brainstorm, an entire back room devoted to Christian marital aides called “The Grotto of Earthly Delight”.

Prominently over the door leading to the Grotto was a sign that said, “Please! Married Couples Only!!!”
So, come on over and meet the newest character in the Porn and Donuts story. Bubba Rubin is big, orange, Jewish and he's got a gun.


  1. Sky said...
    Runnn Max, Run!!! hehehehhe, loving this Rosie!
    Hayden said...
    Poor Max! never trust a goose until it's in the oven!
    vonne said...
    Oh god, LMAO! Although it gave me flashbacks of my childhood when granny's goose use to put me on the porch on a regular bases and then march up and down the length of the porch, 'laughing' at me and daring me to step off again...

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