Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It must have been seventy degrees today. I was out on the porch in shorts and a tank top. No lie. So, while I’m hurting for the folks in the Midwest, I’m sort of enjoying the unseasonably warm weather. We have an entire week of it ahead they say. We’ll prolly have a big old snow following it but it won’t stick.

I don’t have much for you today except a foggy picture of the herd in the mist….So let’s see what’s going on in The Plain Talk’s From the Record today…

I like:

Suburban goes on submerged safari

Dovetail trailer leaves the nest


Chevrolet chicanes off road

There’s also one item that I think should have been more properly titled:

Damn…that’s a big purse!

But they played it safe and titled it:

More than $10,000 worth of items stolen from purse

Now, I know that my buddy Sue can easily cram that much value in her Fendi, but it would be challenging for me. And I have a really big clunky purse. Not a Fendi, obviously.


  1. KMTBERRY said...
    Hey Rosie

    Have you talked to Ten Speed Press about your cookbook?

    I mean, would you LIKE to get published? Because maybe you would just like to put it out yourself and maintain total creative control.

    But they are a good cookbook press.

    Just wondering. Some of my colleagues are published by them. (Not ME, I haven't WRITTEN a cookbook YET.)
    Hayden said...
    lovely photo.
    Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...
    When I saw purse and goats used together I was hoping for some charming reference to what the Billy goat carried his charm balls around it. I'm disappointed! LOL

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