Saturday, December 22, 2007

Saturday Cleaning

Well, I've been trying today to de-Babe-ify the house. Since Baby couldn't be neutered due to his heart condition and was 15 when he came here... and, well, sort of senile...okay, really senile…he had no problems hiking his leg indoors. Actually, he would spend an entire day sunning himself outside and come inside to pee. Anyway, I’ve spent the last three years following him around with a mop and bleach. So, I went and got a really powerful enzymatic urine neutralizer and a black light to attack the house, now that the little old guy is watering those hardwood floors in the sky.

I was sort of afraid the first time I turned the lights off and turned the black light on. I was afraid that I’d be in one of those horrific CSI scenes where they turn the lights off and the entire room glows. Luckily, the bleach I’d been using made it so the floors didn’t glow. But I did find some interesting places on the walls. I really didn’t think he could aim that high.

I also took some time to do some cleanup on the blog template. It’s hopefully a little easier to read. I’m constantly having my content ripped off by sploggers and I decided it was time to start reporting the thieving bastards. So, the new button on the sidebar is there for them. If you are on my blogroll and I know you…we are cool just as we have been going. But if I don’t know you…or don’t like you…it’s not okay.

I don’t keep Creative Commons licenses on my site because they don’t seem to have anything that means…”It’s mine, mine, mine, all mine.” Really, I’ve had to live very close to the edge my entire life, I’ve died and been brought back, I’ve literally had my chest open to the heart for weeks, I’ve lived in poverty for the most part and all of this, and so much more, is why I can write the way that I do. It comes from pain. It’s my written expression of the blues.

When you steal my work it makes me mad on so many levels. There’s a reason they call it a “violation”. Don't be a rapist.


  1. Leeuna said...
    Okay Rosie, that's a new one. "sploggers" What is a splogger? I know they steal work, I mean how did you come up with it? I love it. :-)

    I just learned another new word a couple minutes ago. The word is "Blook". It's a book that was developed in a significiant way from content written on a blog or website. These new words are like gems. I love to find them.

    I am finding my work all over the internet, but they always give me credit in the byline and a link to my website so I'm cool with that. What makes me really 'killing mad' is when they outright steal it and change a few lines around and put their byline on it.

    I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year.
    Rosie said...
    Hey Leeuna,

    "Splog" is a not of my coining. It's a word used for blogs that use other people's content to generate income or to bolster the rating of another blog that does.

    I find them on my technorati links. You are probably being splogged as well, you just have to check your incoming links.

    Obviously, for creative people like us, this is a huge problem, particularly when they steal something we are submitting elsewhere. It's gotten so bad for me at this point that they are stealing things from the rss feeds almost as they are in transit to the blog.

    I hate to turn off the feeds since I do have quite a few readers who pick the blog up that way, and it doesn't seem fair to punish them.

    They've even taken stories and done translations into other languages using babelfish...and believe me...if I ever get well known enough to have my stuff in other's not going to be using a shoddy generated translator.

    I have no problem with people I know, or even people who lurk on the blog, linking here and using a bit of fair use text. I have no problem with those who ask before using it.

    Hugs...and have a very merry, splogger free Christmas!
    Hayden said...
    I didn't know about the black light. good tip.
    Hayden said...
    Merry Christmas, Rosie - wishing you the BEST!
    Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...
    I am sorry you have copyright problems. I wish I knew the rule concerning capturing material off other blogs? There must be a site somewhere with some straight foreward explanation. I googled a little on this only to find there are changes coming in Canada's copyright law. There are those who think the government is just going to try to please the US and big corporate interests and neglect the consumers, the artist and little people. I find it all very confusing!

    I hopw you are having a lovley Christmas and the New Years brings you success and some interesting challenges.
    threecollie said...
    Sorry you are getting plagued by such are a very good writer and I am not surprised, but shame on them.
    Anyhow, I just dropped by to wish you Merry Christmas from up here in the north.
    Anne Johnson said...
    Never heard of splogging, but it figures. I wish I had some copyright advice for your fiction in particular...
    kazari_lu said...
    Hey rosie,

    I'm not up to speed on RSS feeds much, but I think you can doctor them so they don't include the whole content - just a link to each new post. would that help?

    it's ugly, isn't it? to have your work completely de-valued by a stranger. there has been many discussion on the foodblogscool blog about approaches to dealing with them.



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