Sunday, December 30, 2007

Max is in a big pout because I spent all day yesterday developing a new Chocolate Cake recipe and he didn't get none! None at all!

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days and that I blew off my FPF article on Friday. I'm in my post X-mas stress down period. I'll make it up to you next Friday when I take you through this Mocha Fudge with saffron orange filling experience. It tastes like a Terry's dark chocolate orange on the inside. I think the only thing that possibly could improve it is Grande Marnier.

I'm going to upload a new piece to editred tonight if it ever lets me sign in. It's a short piece, but I have plans for it so I won't publish it here. It's called "Dog Fishing" and it's about my brother and his dog, Zeke. It starts like this:

"With a fly rod, he becomes Nureyev. This man I watched grow from a gangling teen with little grace, inexplicably becomes all that is elegance in form and movement. I was not sure exactly when it happened, but there he was and we were decades older. He stands on the platform of the flats boat and becomes poetry."
It will be up eventually...I'm just not sure when since the site won't load.

Oh Yeah....Happy Sunday.


  1. Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...
    I am still thinking about your invitation to write you a Friday Porn Food Post. Send me the ground rules.
    I could do something on the disgusting French Canadian Poutine, which I have never been able to eat as it presents like something the dog threw up. In good food presentation is important. Those that eat this comfort food seem to like it.

    I also could write a bit on the Christmas comfort desserts we exchanged emails over. Butter tarts in particular are very widely eaten in Canada. Americans when they come here and discover them load up with them to go home.

    All the best in the New Year. I know this past year has had some struggles for you and some disappointments. You seem to handle these with grace and dignity.

    We stand on the brink once again of opportunities for new beginnings. May New Year's represent that for you. Warmest regards.
    Hayden said...
    Happy new years, Rosie! Hope all of your wishes come true in 2008!

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