Monday, September 15, 2008

Still here

Still alive.

So, I'm not on the computer much because I can't sit. About all I can do is lay on my back. I can't put any weight on my left leg--so I'm still in the clothes I wore to the hospital. I can't make it up the stairs to my closet. But the clothes washer is with me.

Essentially what happens is I get acute leg cramps that occur non-stop over a period of three days over the entire leg up to my waist. It's the sort of pain that really makes you want to cut yourself. Bash your head into concrete. Do an Earnest. It's the sort of pain much more humane doctors once put me in a coma so I wouldn't have to experience it. It breaks up and tears tissue in the process. If it isn't stopped by breaking the cycle then I'm looking at six to eight months of physical therapy to get my mobility back. Thanks to the Newport Baptist Hospital ER, I now have to use a walker and probably will be for months.

The stupid thing is, they stopped this cycle in the spring when I came in with the arm. So it wasn't like they didn't know what to do. This little sadistic prick just wanted flaunt his iddy biddy bit of power around.

Anyway, I can't reply to many emails and stuff because I can only sit here for tiny bits of time. I did see a new doctor today.


  1. Jessica Gottlieb said...
    Oh, I think my heart just broke a little.
    Margy Rydzynski said...
    Thank God you're still with us, painful as it certainly is. I was thinking about you last night and feeling very worried. Keep up the pressure for the care you need. I'm thinking about you.

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