Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Inauguration Day!

Am I ready for a handsome, articulate man who oozes intelligence to take office?

Hell, yeah, beeotches! Let's make some history!


The snow has been falling for two days now and we've got a nice blanket of white all over everything. The frogs woke up on January 8th this year, so I'm guessing they had to go back down in the mud.

I've not been a-blogging in a while. Basically I've got a bunch of stories coming out in print and the web this month and the next so I've been story wrangling.

The biggest thing of mine out now is the Mslexia story, "48 Years". This was an important story for me personally. It meant much when I wrote it and I'm really happy such an important publication as Mslexia recognized it as being of worth. I'm not sure there is a more important literary journal specializing in women writers and their craft. I'm really proud to be included.

I've already been getting congratulatory emails from my friends in the UK who have seen the issue and loved the story.

My issue has yet to arrive since it has to travel from the UK, and I'm jumping out of my skin waiting for it. Perhaps it will be here today! You really should subscribe to Mslexia. Or at least buy the issue I'm in so you can read "48 Years". Do it now. Or I'll send goats to your house.

Lavinia Greenlaw chose the selections for The Four Elements theme of the New Writing in this issue, of which I am part. She wrote a really smart introduction and had this to say about my story:

Other forms of disturbance include those of memory and recognition, finely illustrated in Rosanne Griffeth’s story ‘48 Years’ in which the global effects of agricultural policies are played out in parallel to a more local and intimate series of consequences.
So, yeah. I'm a happy camper. Snow falling. Story in Mslexia. Barack Obama in office. Life is good.


  1. Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...
    I am relieved that you blogged after so long. I was worried you might be ill.

    Life for you sounds good with some writing success. It certainly is good for your Nation with a new president who is a thinker and can put an intelligent sentence, and even paragraphs, together.

    Respect for America around the World, has risen noticeably just with the Inauguration. Your Canadian cousins celebrate with you.
    Carrot said...
    Wow! Congratulations times a million!!

    - Tara
    bonnie said...
    My boyfriend might be in the market for goats. I should not subscribe, maybe?

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