Friday, March 06, 2009

I have a funny story that just went live on Feathertale called "Mrs. Snodderly's Letter to the Editor."

I think I actually wrote about the experience on the blog that prompted the Snodderly story. I was researching markets and there's this one experimental market I was looking into. The editor has a reputation of being either a genius or a complete and utter tool--depending on who you talk to. I swear to God, I couldn't find a single randomly brought up story on the site that didn't feature penises in some significant way. I spent so much time deciding to NOT submit anything to them that I deserved to get something out of it. Not that I don't do perfectly good experimental work that often gets published--I'm just more likely to feature bugs or something. And paragraph breaks.

Feathertale features literary humor. It's smart stuff and not at all boring like The New Yorker. I probably shouldn't badmouth The New Yorker. Don't tell them I said they were boring. But really--I think there are about 10% of people who actually find TNY's humor amusing and the rest of us try to look intelligent and do our art gallery laugh. Ha, ha, ha! Feathertale is much better.


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