Tuesday, March 10, 2009


minutes after eating the apple, moments before kissing the snake
davka's gorgeous cover art

This new magazine based out of Pittsburgh, Weave, announced the list of contributors for the upcoming issue on the 5th of this month. I knew my piece was going to be included in this April's issue, but they also emailed me and asked if they could use my story on the website. Of course, I'm thrilled and delighted to have it both online and in print.

It's funny--Pittsburgh is somewhere I always thought I should be. But have only spent extended periods of time in their excellent airport.

In addition to Davka's cover art, they also showcased poet, Karen J. Weyant's "The Girl Who Could Catch Echoes." My piece is "The Cancer Woman's Beautiful Daughters." But you've got to actually buy the issue, if only to read Damien Dressick's "What We Don't Talk About When We Talk About Your Cousin Who's in Prison." Best story title evah!

What is Weave?

Weave is a literary print publication and organization based out of Pittsburgh, PA. We seek to create a space for a cross-section of writers and artists of all walks of life to meet on the page, on the stage, and in workshop. We celebrate diversity in both the creator and their works and strive to showcase both novice and established writers and artists. Weave will host a series of workshops that focus on the writing and submissions processes as well as on bringing poetry to the stage as a viable performance art. Weave will also collaborate with writers from our publication, Weave Magazine, to present readings that will showcase Pittsburgh's young literary talent.


  1. Karen J. Weyant said...
    Thanks so much for the shout-out! I enjoyed your work as well, and can't wait for the second issue of Weave to come out!
    Rusty said...
    That's a great cover.
    IzzyThePush said...
    Thanks for the Shout Out on the title and thanks for reading- it was great to be included with so many wonderful writers--Damian Dressick
    IzzyThePush said...
    Thanks for the SHOUT OUT on the title - and Thanks for reading. It was great to be included in with so many terrific authors-Damian

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