Monday, March 16, 2009

Popcorn Sutton Dead

Popcorn Sutton was found dead in his home today from apparent suicide. He was 61. There will be an autopsy tomorrow at UT to confirm the cause of death. He was scheduled to turn himself in this Friday to begin his 18 month sentence in federal prison for felony possession of a firearm and illegal distilling of liquor.

There have been some accidental deaths in Cocke County recently due to one of the newer prescription pain killers--one that evidently isn't as forgiving as oxycontin to being crushed, snorted or taken with liquor. If they do find drugs in his system--and Lord knows Popcorn had legitimate reasons to take them--there's no telling unless Popcorn left a note. They say he was very afraid of dying in prison. So he may indeed have decided to check out early.

Thus passes a true Cocke County original.

J. J. Stambaugh's Coverage on KnoxNews


  1. annetteinalaska said...
    Wow. Only 61? I guess it's not the years, but the miles...

    Very sad. But it sounds (from what you've written about him) that he lived his life the way he wanted to; he made some pretty definitive choices anyway.
    Gary Carden said...
    Neal Hutcheson, the filmmaker that made the film on Popcorn, "The Last One," just emailed me that Popcorn hooked up a hose to his Jeep and 'went for one last ride." I had earlier heard that he had shot himself, but that turns out not to be true.
    Gary Carden
    Jo said...
    What ever the circumstances of Popcorn's death... may he rest in peace. No doubthe is sharing recipes with my Grandpa and Dad wherever they may be. He has cerainly left a legacy.
    Leeuna said...
    Hey Rosie,
    How you doin' Honey-chile? I haven't been by in a long time and I am so impressed with your growing list of publications. Really happy for ya!

    Sorry to hear about Popcorn Sutton. Sometimes I think the "law" should just leave some people alone. There are a lot of people doing a lot worse things and they are still walking the streets. Poor guy!

    Anyway, have a good week and Happy first Day of Spring on Friday.
    Oh and Happy St. Paddy's Day.
    Hayden said...
    may he live his next life as colorfully as he lived this one, but be able to find peace in it.
    Gary Carden said...
    A friend of mine sent me a photocopy of the article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution this morning about Popcorn's death. It was generally a nice article, I guess, but what distressed me were the "Comments" at the end of the article. There were eight pages of rants (pro and con) from some disturbing folks who definitely didn't like each other since they represented two opposing views on what Appalachia is. I got the feeling that I didn't care much for either side.

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