Monday, April 06, 2009


Everyone was so sweet to me while I was being fragile. I guess I still am, but the ice pick headaches I've been having have made me cranky---and that's always a good antidote for fragility. It's hard to be fragile when you want to kill something so very badly. I've been plagued by real-time stupid people recently and that does tend to make one cranky.

I see stupid people. Way more than I would like to.

Also, there appears to be a mildew ghost in my home. My wonderful neighbor who built my house is going to see if he can find it to exorcise it. It's very odd--there's a column of air in the middle of my kitchen--not attached to anything in particular--that smells of mildew. I've been sniffing everything trying to find the source. It reminds me of the cold spots ghosts hunters claim they can feel. But mine is smelly, too.

Hughes net sent me a free installation card. Price has come down on those so I'm seriously considering it. But a 2 year commitment is sort of silly. They are going to have to do away with that before most people will consider it.

But I've got several stories out right now. Dogmatika took "Applewhite." It went live on April 1st. I just found it yesterday--I have to keep an eye on these things and sometimes I forget what I have coming out.

In other news, they are going to read "They Made Us Walk to Eat" from Diet Soap #3 on a podcast. I'll let you know where when I find out. I got the copy of the magazine and it's really a beautiful thing. They even found a Shoney's Big Boy graphic for my story.


  1. Tim Jones-Yelvington said...
    I finally picked up Pank #3. I think I walked right past it the first time I went to Quimby's to look for it because Pank 1 (which looks exactly like their website) was still sitting on the shelf and it looks entirely different from Pank 3, which is a totally different size than Pank 1 and only says "Pank" on the spine... the cover is blank except for a calligraphic "to anyone I have ever met:" but you probably already no this since you undoubtedly received a contributor copy... But wow! What a beautiful object, once I realized what it was (I also had to tell the cashier it was Pank 3, they kept typing different iterations of 'to anyone I have ever met' into the register trying to locate the item)... and how thrilling it was to open it and see your story first!!

    ...I thought I had read magicicadas, but I hadn't. I think I'd only read some of your moth stories and one butterfly story. But wow. Talk about killer last line!!
    Gary Carden said...
    Well, I've got termites...the kind that fly and fill the sink and cover the stove. The sudden cold snap did a lot of them in and they have retreated. The first warm day, I'll have termite-coated windows again. This happens every spring, and i guess it means that my house is riddled with them.

    So, how do I get a copy of "Pank"??
    Can you give me an address?
    Galadriel said...
    Ice pick headaches sounds picks in the side of the skull, or behind the eye? 'Cause it turns out the reason I've been having those for over half a year is a pinched nerve in my neck.

    (Greetings, nice to meet you, I followed a link to here from "" I wouldn't ordinarily comment on a journal when I've only read the two top posts...but it's worth it when it's ice pick headaches.)

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