Saturday, April 25, 2009

WBIR stands for....

We Be Ignorant Rubes!!!
(an NBC Affiliate)

I'm forced to watch WBIR because NBC News with Brian Williams is on every night at 6:30 unless WBIR has competitive hog wrassling or something it can pre-empt it with. Yeah, they pre-empt the national new here. I think Brian Williams is the closest thing we have to Peter Jennings and that's why I follow NBC's news.

Anyway, I was really engaged in NBC's series "Kings," which I think is some of the smartest scripting and acting I've seen on the networks in a long, long time. And Ian McShane is a really hot guy for a short man. It hasn't been doing so hot in the ratings because it's a smart show more suited to premium cable. Anyway, WBIR decided to block it and run Law and Order re-runs. Pretty sure there's some boneheaded reasoning for this. This pisses me off because I committed to watching the damn thing and now I'm being denied the opportunity to finish watching it--something that the rest of the NBC viewing public is being allowed.

Luckily, I have the first two discs of Rome. If anyone is recording "Kings," I'd be happy to work out a barter. I can't access this stuff on 26K dialup. Trade ya some soap and chutney?

Yeah, that's right, K-town. Someone in Cocke Freaking County is calling you an unsophisticated bumpkin. So bite me!


  1. Cappy said...
    Hey, they could base episodes in Cincinnati, and call them Little Kings. It could be sponsored by the Schoenling Brewing Company.

    I don't even know if they are still in business.
    KMTBERRY said...
    Here in Texas, they are always going off the national feed for BASKETBALL GAMES.

    For crying out loud!
    Karen Smithey said...
    Rosie--You say what you think without apology. I needed a dose of that today!

    I've given up on TV--I only watch DVDs of the few shows that are worthwhile. I say it's because I can't stand commercials, but I think I'm all about instant gratification (as in 'that episode was great! let's watch the next one!')

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