Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ugg Lust

Okay. So there are these boots I'm seriously lusting for (hint, hint, nudge, nudge). Most of you know comfort is a serious concern for me--and for most of you guys too. You obviously don't come to this blog expecting to see me all dolled up on the farm. I'm definitely not the Eva Gabor type--no, I'm Eddie Albert to the max. Heels are a serious hard limit for me. When my feet hurt, I can't think, can't write, can't sling my chainsaw around or shoot at stuff.

Ugg boots are my latest object of desire. They originate in Australia and like most Aussie footwear are supremely comfortable (my friends, Tree and Lorna, gave me a pair of Blunnies and they have been one of my favorite pairs of shoes). Ugg boots are also supposedly the warmest boots in the world. Yet also the coolest. Anyway, they are made of Merino sheepskin with wooly fleece on the inside.

And then there's that intoxicating new sheepskin boot smell. I remember going into a Merino sheepskin store in the U.K. and just wanting to bury my face in everything. And no, I don't think that's weird.

I don't usually plug products on the SMB, but I really, really love these boots. I can totally see me kicking back in front of the wood stove with my toes all cushy and toasty. The folks at Whooga have offered me a coupon to pass on to you guys. If you get your uggs from them and put in the key code "smokeymoun" you'll get a 20 dollar credit to spend at their store. It will more than cover the shipping from the U.K.

Mutton gives ugg boots his seal of approval because they are made from Merino sheep and he is a Shetland. He hates those close-cropped bastards with their fine yet impossibly dense fleeces. Personally, I think he's a little jealous.


  1. Anonymous said...
    I LOVE my uggies. I've had them since before somebody made Ugg Boot into a trade mark.
    Mind you, mine aren't stylish. They are more like slippers, and the fleecy side was dyed blue. I've had them since I was twelve, and as my feet grew the fleece obligingly squashed to make room.
    And they still smell like fleece, not feet, which is a very special achievement.
    I hope you get some, Rosie!
    Kathleen said...
    I also love the way these UGG boots LOOK. Unfortunately, I live in Central Texas where they would only be wearable one day a year.....I should have realized that limitation BEFORE I knitted myself 4 ski sweaters, that now lie in a cedar chest, unworn since 1997. Sigh.

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