Thursday, May 17, 2007

Gotta Love 'em!

I'm not quite sure what has caused my fascination with the "long-ears" at this stage of my life. Perhaps it was meeting Aurthur Bullington, our famed local muleskinner.

Every spring, Aurthur hitches up his two mules, Blackjack and Sadie Mae and ploughs up his garden. As far as I know, it is the only workout the two mules get each year. Every once in a while, Aurthur will get a wild hair(or something!) and rides Sadie Mae down to the Big Creek Market, but mostly he's in his old truck.

Trust me when I tell you, that you do not want to be behind Aurthur in his old truck if you are in any sort of a hurry to get down the mountain.

Trust me on this.

Sadie Mae


  1. aaron ambrose said...
    yay! i was just talking with a friend about using a fourlegged to plow a perk over that of tractors is that it doesn't involve petrol....just seems wrong to invite petrol into the situation, for a lot of reasons. and a fourlegged won't compact the soil like a big ol' tractor.
    i too have a soft spot for those long ears....i esp. like donkeys.
    Karen Smithey said...
    So do YOU have any mules--yet?

    They are great animals. Lots of personality.

    Hope all's well there--Gryphon and Phoenix are doing great; the momma goat is still grumpy to everyone but me.
    Anne Johnson said...
    Do they talk like Francis?
    seejanemom said...
    I like mules, too.

    They taste like chicken.

    And who couldn't love ANYthing named "Sadie Mae"? Soooo sweet.
    johnieb said...
    Ned Cobb, AKA "Nate Shaw", an Alabama sharecropper and Communist farm organizer in the post-WWI era, tells some wonderful mule stories in his memoirs: Theodore Rosengarten. *All God's Dangers*; it came out in the Seventies and won a National Book Award, I believe.

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