Thursday, August 23, 2007

Poor ole Fat Buddy!

He loves to steal food. My food, mostly. It's necessitated all sorts of security measures concerning food stuffs around the house. Past disasters have included 5 pound bags of sugar, flour, eggs, many many sticks of butter, and I don't know how many loaves of white bread. White bread is his favorite.

But every once in a while, depending on availability, he likes to eat healthy. Fresh cucumbers are his favorite and there have been many years that I got zero cukes from my vines. Fat Buddy would guard the cucumber vines like they were steak and growl menacingly at the other dogs if they tried to come near. They unfortunately give him gas.

He scored himself a yellow squash from the kitchen counter the other day. I'm certainly not going to try to take it away from him.

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  1. threecollie said...
    Hah! That is really funny...what a dog! We had one once that stole parsnips and hid them in the open walls of the old cabin we lived in. It was hilarious, except that we liked parsnips and wanted to eat them.

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