Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Too cute to not submit to The Ark!

Guys...if you have critter photos...cute or consider putting them up on The Ark.


As it happened, the morning was glossy with dew and the sun had not quite risen. John Rabbit marched Childe Rabbit into the gourd patch and said,

“Look here, Childe Rabbit, I wants you to stay right here and don’t move. There’s plenty to eat and I’ll come back for you round sunset, hear? I gots me some bidness to attend to.”

Childe Rabbit nodded gravely and watched his father scramble up the bank into the wood.

Then he set about the busy business of eating. Childe Rabbit ate clover and gourd leaves and nibbled on the gourds until his little tummy was quite full. Then he settled down for a long sleep.

When he awoke, the sun was high but where he rested in the gourd leaves was cool and damp. But there was a terrible noise.

Stomp, Stomp, Riiiiip! Stomp, Stomp, Riiiip!

And Childe Rabbit was sorely afeared. But he didn’t move…he was still, like his daddy taught him. But soon there were more noises!

Bark, Bark, Woof! Bark, Bark, Woof!

And Childe Rabbit was even more sorely afeared!

So he finally could stand it no longer and took off a-running!

But before his tiny legs could carry him up the bank into the woods, a great hairless thing came down and carried him far into the air!

“Well, what do we have here! I do believe it is Childe Rabbit!” said a big booming voice that belonged to the farmer woman.

At this point, the Bark, Bark, Woof, Woof noises got even louder!

And Childe Rabbit was so afeared that he squeaked most pitifully. And he wet on the farmer woman’s hands.

The farmer woman took the Barkers and Woofers and put them in the house and Childe Rabbit was less afraid.

Then she put him back in the gourd patch where he had been before and called into the woods…

Oh! John Rabbit!
Come git your baby, dangnabit!
Oh! John Rabbit!
Leave your philandering ways!

So...that was today's big adventure. Saving a baby bunny from the rabbit's bane hounds...also known as Cocker Spaniels. While I don't really want to raise it...I'll keep an eye out and hopefully its mother will come collect it tonight. If not...looks like I'll have a baby bunny to raise.


  1. Mrs. Geezerette said...
    Oh, good Lord, that is a darling story about Childe Rabbit. I want my grandchildren to read this one.

    And the photos....sweet. You must have had help from someone taking them. No?

    Thanks for visiting my blog recently and leaving such a nice note praising my work on the twins' story. Coming from you with your background in writing, it means a lot to me.
    Rosie said...
    Thanks, Suzie!

    No, I'm afraid that's an example of my one-handed digital photography.

    I'm eager to see how the twin's story works out.
    Peggy said...
    I am going to share this post with the grandkids. Hope momma rabbit comes back tonight.
    Tammy said...

    I found your blog thru Dew on the Kudzu!

    I loved this post, the little rabbit is a cutie and your speach pattern in the post is much like I speak...only I stand out here in Ohio as very different only having lived here 2 years...I'm a Kentucky Gal!

    I hope you don't mind if I come back?
    wen said...
    what a great photo and cute story. i think you just got yourself a bunny.
    Jbeeky said...
    What a great rhyme at the end! I am going to read this to Mylo tonight. Thanks!
    GUYK said...
    Great story. We have a rabbit warren under our work shop and see them out at night once in a while. I love it when the varmits are around because that means it is a peaceful place..
    Bad Alice said...
    Aww, he's so cute. I think the best part is when he wets on your hand. That's sure to any child's favorite part.

    Thanks for your message on my blog and on CaringBridge. We so appreciate your prayers.
    Michelle said...
    Aw, sweet! Love your story, I need to remember to come back tomorrow and read it with my daughter.

    Your Granny Nickols had a birthing center! ;) Very snazzy idea as I'm sure mountain women needed someone to make sure they didn't overwork themselves when they should be babymooning.
    threecollie said...
    You have the best posts! I look forward to every one of them
    Audubon Ron said...
    You neva did read the story of Jimmy Carter and the Killer Rabbit, 1979. That rabbit started hissing at him and wanted in his boat. The rabbit swam over to him while he was fishing and wanted to bite him. These criters ain’t no cute and fuzzy as they look, no sir ree, I’m tell’in ya. First ya playing wit snakes, nen ya playing with other wild critters, you got no fear woman. That rabbit might gnaw ya arm off up to your elbow. See what I’m say’in? Nen see how easy it will be playing Bourre’ wit the boyz in the back of da houze.
    Karen Smithey said...
    What a great story! I hope mama rabbit comes back, as I can only imagine how much work it might be to raise Childe Rabbit yourself.

    I posted before and after pictures of my half and half goat on my blog today...
    bonnie said...
    Oh, good heck, I thought I was leaving a comment at Pacific Islander!!! I guess I had 2 comment windows open at the same time.

    OK, the comment I WAS thinking about leaving here was - my inner 6 year old will be green with envy if you end up raising a bunny. Think I left a comment on a post regarding a design for a box trap for rabbits mentioning how I wanted to catch one of the cottontails that lived in my grandparents' back yard in NJ for a pet.

    My outer 40-year-old of course hopes Mama Rabbit came for CR.

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