Sunday, January 14, 2007

Happy Sunday

Friend Scott and I had lunch at Carver's Apple Barn. The orchards are so lovely in winter. I love the look of the trees. This donkey mother and her painted mule baby were relaxing under the branches. It was oddly and gloriously warm and all the creatures were enjoying the sun.

Carvers is my favorite place to eat. I love the apple fritters...sort of like a sweet apple hush puppy...dipped in apple butter. The view of the orchards at any time of year is spectacular with the Smokies rising up in the distance. You can just see Mt. LeConte.

I paid the bill and he said, "You'uns have a good one!"


  1. Erica said...

    That sounds awesome!

    Especially this time of year when it's all bundle-up-cold-like.
    Maridmitch said...
    LOve those apples fritters and cider at Carver's. You can't beat them for breakfast!
    Rosie said...
    They are, aren't they? I'm always plugging Carvers. They truly make the best fried apple pie I've ever had. And I have sampled fried pies in several foreign countries and at least 20 US states. There are many things I lack confidence in, but my expertise in fried pies is not one of them.

    Them's some damn good fried pies.

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