Thursday, January 04, 2007

Terribly Busy Animal Day

I've been run off of my feet with goats and dogs today.

Aegis had to go in to get X-Rays this morning. As I'm helping him out to the car, I hear an awful caterwauling coming from the upper pasture. I look up and there is Betty Goat in full labor screaming her head off.

Betty is one of my first fresheners, which means that she is a first timer.

So...I go and collect Betty Goat and put her in the kidding stall. Aegis and I rush to town where I leave him in the hands of my vets.

Guess what I found when I got home?

Let me introduce you to "Old Maid's Aerie's Aegis' Prayer". We are calling her "Goldie" for short. She's a bit premature thanks to her piggy momma who got into the grain bin two days ago and gave herself a wicked case of the scours...but she's perfectly formed and has lovely nippies and the only premie thing about her is that her eyes aren't open yet. She has a strong sucking reflex and it looks like she is going to survive just fine. My Goat Yoda, Betsy, came over and tubed some colostrum into her, but she's feeding from her bottle just fine. We are hoping she'll be standing on her own by tomorrow. She's the first baby kidded on the farm. And I really needed her today.

Aegis is needing 'round the clock skilled nursing...from me. His X-rays showed that there was no obstruction, but we are basically in a crap shoot situation now. He's getting alternating Ringers and Sodium Hydrochloride solutions mixed with dextrose and potassium every eight hours sub-Q. He's on vitamin K and Reglan shots. All we can do now is continue with the supportive care and pray he survives. If he can beat this, his liver will regenerate. But it's still a big if. His next treatment is at midnight...then I get to sleep until 8 am until it's time to start the entire thing all over again....with baby goat feedings.

Here are some more newborn goatie pictures since I know you've all been waiting for those.

Collective "Awwww's" all around.


  1. Luna*tic said...
    Wow! How do you do it all by yourself, Rosie? I can't clean out the catbox, let alone take care of a farm full of critters! I'm too citified, I guess. I'm still amazed that Blinken hasn't pushed out those triplets yet - is everything ok with her??
    Anonymous said...

    Blinkin is being a very bad goat, says


    who don know nuthin bout birthin no goats.

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