Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Return of the Frogs

I went out to the porch tonight to grab a stick of wood. Not that it is terribly needed, but I like to keep the woodstove going on low since the mornings can be chilly. And I heard a rumor that we were getting snow at some point tonight. Not bloody likely with the temps all day in the 60's. It's only fallen to 55 right now.

That is when I heard it. Frogsong.

It's the first sign of spring. The bull frogs awakening to lay their eggs. The song they sing from the frog pond was loud and clear.

And evidently confused.

It's the 15th of January. They awoke on the 15th of February last year. March 15th the year before that. I know these things since I pay close attention to the signs of change here.

During the winter, the mountains are silent. The frogs are the first in a long list of natural cacophonies that start up in the spring and then fall silent in the late fall. The next sound will be the whip 'or will. Then all hell breaks loose with hawk cries, cicadas, crickets, birds and buzzing insects. It gets really loud here. But it's a different sort of loud. A nice loud.

This is too early. I worry that we will have a killing snow and frost that will kill the tadpoles. The water level in the pond has been quite low and it doesn't take much to freeze it solid.

My neighbors excitedly murmur about "The End Times." This is not unusual. They see "The End Times" all the time. The signs. The Rapture. It's coming.

Problem is...I think they might be right this time.

The frogs don't lie.


  1. Secret Rapture said...
    My inaugural address at the Great White Throne Judgment of the Dead, after I have raptured out billions!
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    Your jaw will drop!
    Rosie said...
    Thanks for posting, Alvin. My jaw did indeed drop and some drool trickled out the side of my mouth before a big snore jolted me awake. Granted, I just scrolled through your manifesto to the good parts and gave up about a third of the way through it, but...I got your drift. I did submit your site to Crank dot Net since I do think you deserve some recognition for your efforts.

    If you post here again, your comments will be removed. There is a reason The Skeptic's Society is listed in my links.
    erin ambrose said...
    god folk love to anticipate their demise...or salvation, or whatever....whats more ineresting to me is the mayan calendar...
    it gets annoying how turning global warming into a religious phenomenon completely eradicates the personal responsability factor....or the holding multi-corps responsible factor....that there are solutions....that its not "inevitable" that we are all gonna die in some ball o'fire.... at the very least we should go down kickin' and screamin' the truth....we owe ourselves that much.

    i'm sorry for the frogs...and yr right , they are the canaries in the freakin' coalmine, frogs are.
    Ron Southern said...
    Poor Alvin. La di dah.

    Of course, you own a gun, you live in the country! Need protection against wild goats and woldves!
    Ron Southern said...
    Veronica said...
    Bleh. I hate The Rapture. It's shitty theology for assholes that want to avoid the suffering Christ promised them.

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