Monday, March 26, 2007

Mutton and Chops

Mutton and Chops

Baa-ram-ewe, baa-ram-ewe.
To your breed, your fleece,
your clan be true.
Sheep be true.

These are silly, silly beasts. I quite love them.

I picked up Mutton and Chops yesterday with Betsy. They've been on the porch and will stay there until I get that fleece sheered. I'm told that this will be the best plan for training them on the electric fencing. The fleece will insulate them from any shock from the hot wire and they are wild, skittish beasties. It is unlikely I'll be able to catch them once they are out in the pasture.

Mutton is the light colored one and we are getting along just fine since Mutton is a pig. He will eat out of my hand at this point. He has a hopeful, sweet face and really wants to trust. Because you have the snacks.

Chops is the pretty dark one and he's much more distrustful of the entire situation. Chops is going to be a tough one to tame. Chops rolls his eyes at you all the time.

It's like he's saying, "MINT SAUCE...Do I smell MINT SAUCE???!!!....Run for your LIFE!"

Actually, every third thought that goes through their minds is apparently, "RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!"

Neither of them seem capable of eating without leaving half their dinner smeared all over their shirtfronts. I can sympathize.

Essentially, what they do is, imagine some sort of horrible calamity then run for their lives to the other side of the porch. They roll their eyes and then start to eat again. They can seemingly do this for hours on end.

They are actually very sweet boys, just not very socialized. Friend Scott is going to come over to assist me with the shearing. He says he'll bring Xanax. I think we might need it. Not for the sheep. For us.


  1. BBC said...
    Sheep now? Branching out are we? Hum. But I suppose it's just a hobby to you?
    Housewife said...
    Now I understand why you left Hollywood.

    I mean, who wouldn't????

    You make me smile daily, you are in good company, only HH, Adam and Eve have successfully done that!
    bonnie said...
    domestic sheep just aren't the brightest animals on the planet, are they...
    erin ambrose said...
    the way to their trust is lots of food and sitting with them so yr one of the huddled....but mostly food. whats new.
    I was told to keep mine penned for like a month or so till they really know what home is...that way when you finally have them on pasture you can get em' into the barn or shute for safety or shearing or whatever if you need to without too much hassle.
    but i started with lambs...very easy to win over!
    like kid goats.

    my sheep yoda says to me "sheep are the biggest drama queens on the planet"...its true.
    just today godiva cleared a 4 foot fence when the cats suddenly started fighting/yowling. just went soaring like supersheep. very dramatic.

    and don't feed em' before you shear them...the shearing is really stressful for them...esp. if the shearer is nervous or clumsy! mellow...mellow

    oh...and sheep can't have any copper...all kinds of not well things will happen.
    ok....i'll shut up now.
    yay for you and your wooly queens!
    Chris said...
    Is it just me, Rosie, or does Simone's voice have a breathless quality to it?
    iamnasra said... has a tribute for Paul of spiritualdiablog and now in his new website Hope u can join us in this tribute and if you can helps us spread the word among his blog friends
    Thanks, see u there
    Paul said...
    I didn't know you were so sheepish.

    To continue in a sheepish vein, I just happened to follow Nasra's comment here, not trying to double up on you!
    Rosie said...
    I'm not sure if I'd call it a hobby, hobbies are things I can put down and come back to. This is more like a way of life. Actually, the sheep are going to hopefully provide raw materials for one of my hobbies. And I have hopes that they will eat the awful "stick" plants in my pasture that the goats won't touch.

    Housewife...What?!!! Me?!!! And give up show business?

    That's what I hear, Bonnie, but supposedly they are smarter than goats. I'm just not seeing it. Maybe it's a more subtle "smart".

    Thanks, Erin. I knew about the copper thing so I'm reviewing which sorts of mineral blocks are safe to put out. The goaties needs their copper to keep the parasite load down but I can give that to them in boluses. The boys are getting less fearful but more proprietary about the porch. They got in a pissing match with Pearlie today over possession of the food bowl. Mutton allowed me to grab him by the horns and scratch his chin and pull some lumps of wool off of him. Good to know about the stress during shearing. Mutton's fleece does not seem very attached in places. It's very mohairy. I may just try to get it off without flipping him and getting it off in one piece.

    Chris...remember, Simone is a trained actress. She can do all sorts of things with her voice. She intentionally pitches it lower most of the time, I have noticed, for most of her roles. That may be what you are reading as "breathy".

    Thanks for pointing me back to Paul, Nasra. I haven't meant to be a stranger but have been most busy recently. I loved your interview with him. He is indeed one of those special souls walking the earth.

    Paul...I do want your book and look forward to its release. I also hope your health improves and pray that they get some sort of dx for you. My clotting disorder is also something of a mystery. It still doesn't have a proper name. But at least they know how to control it now. Sometimes, though, having a name to call something...even if you cannot control a sense of peace. Language is funny that way.
    erin ambrose said...
    hey! i haven't yet found a good mineral block...but what they do love are these feed blocks esp. made for sheep...lots of protein , good for the fleece.they've got salt so they can't over eat.1 block lasts me a month w/ 3 woolies. they're called "range master" but i don't know the maker, ill try and find out....they can be a bit hard to find is my impression. My sheep yoda had to sweet talk the feed store in vegas into carrying them...its the only place that does within a hundred mile radius!
    seejanemom said...
    Feed them a little fresh wild mint in with their chow.

    Keeps their breath fresh.

    Well. You can TELL them that, anyway.

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