Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Escape from Grassy Fork

Poor Scott. I tell you what, the banjo music just won't stop playing for him.

Anyway, he crashed here last night so we could orchestrate him getting out of Tennessee altogether. I think he got a lot accomplished today. He should be back in South Carolina by this weekend--with an apartment--and a job. I suggested he put in for an emergency transfer, explaining the situation, and they found one for him in a few hours. Flowers Bakeries ROCKS!!! It's part-time, and he'll have to build back up to benefit status again, but it's at his same rate of pay.

I really believe this is for the best for him and it makes me feel good that he leaves here in better shape than if he had stayed. The itty-bitty, tiny little petty stupid people who did this to him will never have it so good. Life only gets worse for such people. I just really hate to see them give the Appalachian folk such a bad name--they perpetrate every negative stereotype of this place by their very existence. They are a shame and an embarrassment.

I just wish they would think before showing their asses. It makes it very hard for writers like me to write positively about them. The world can't help but think them backward and ignorant. How about lets try to show the world what is so wonderful about Appalachian folks for a change? Because there is quite a lot that is beautiful.

Anyway, had a sleepless night due to the guineas. They weren't the problem--Max was. Also, Max loves Scott and really wanted to sleep in the downstairs bedroom with him. But the snoring scared him. He barked all night. So this morning, guineas went up the hill to their own little guinea condo.


  1. Mike Golch said...
    Scott,I wish you well in your relocation.May you find peace in your new location.It is just a shame that intolerence exists at all.God bless and take care of yourself.
    Mike Golch said...
    I know I already left a comment.I just want to add that there should be more companies out ther that are willing to take of it's employes this way.God Bless them and Scott and most of all God Bless you Rosie for being a careing person that you are.
    Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...
    I am pleased for your friend, Scott that he landed on his feet, although limping a little. He will fully recover.
    Jo said...
    Rosie please be sure to give Scott my best wishes. i am so glad that his job was able to help him like they did. You are so right about those that give the mountain people a black eye by their stupid behavior.

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