Friday, May 23, 2008

It's just a flesh wound...

No food today. Sorry. My repertoire of one-armed dishes is very limited. The only thing working on my left arm is my fingers and only by propping the arm up am I able to type.

But I've turned the corner for now. Some of the swelling has gone down and I have a whopping 6 inches of ROM in my elbow--no function yet so I can't move it without help, but it is at least slightly movable.

I'm sorry to have been so whiny this week, but it's been really bad. Really bad. I've not at all lived up to the expectations of my hero, The Black Knight.

It's just a flesh wound...

I move for no man.
So be it!
Aaah!, hiyaah!, etc.
[ARTHUR chops the BLACK KNIGHT's left arm off]
Now stand aside, worthy adversary.
'Tis but a scratch.
A scratch? Your arm's off!
No, it isn't.
Well, what's that, then?
I've had worse.

Thank you all for the comments and sweet thoughts you've sent my way. I appreciate it and when I'm feeling better I'll try to go around visiting everyone. For those of you who were wondering what this thing was about--without showing you my gall bladder scar--the short version is: I have lupus complicated by a rare clotting disorder. I can bleed and clot at the same time. My arm is bleeding internally and it hurts like a sumabitch. The issue is with my doctors who disagree on how much suffering they would like me to endure before referring me to a specialist specifically for this issue.

I hobbled up to the guinea enclosure and left the door open for them. I can't risk another fall and am limiting my outdoor activities for the time being. So--I can't haul their water and feed to them. They marched past the house this morning--waking all and sundry at the crack of dawn and then went down the mountain. Not sure if they were here long enough to bond. Hopefully they'll be back to roost this evening after filling up on ticks in the woods. Or they may just stay down there, slaves to their tiny tiny brains, wondering where they came from and how they got there.


  1. Jo said...
    Sure hope the so called doctors can soon make up their minds to send you for some help. i know the pain I deal with and the fact the lupus is far worse....

    Well let's hope that the guineas bonded enough to where they will come back to roost. I can just picture then walking down the road with their little hankies tied on sticks and slung over their shoulders.

    Rest as well as you can and hope you are up and about and feeling yourself again soon.
    erin ambrose said...
    hey! i haven't checked things out in a while and lo and behold all this crap has happened to you! i'm so sorry...its extra tough on yr own on a mountain when yr down an arm and in tons of pain, i'm sure. i'm glad you feel some changes happening finally...ugh.
    i'll be thinking of you.
    i hope yr birds come back...little buggers.
    Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...
    I am glad you can put finger to keyboard and have less pain and a sense of humour.

    You bring my Savior complex out . . . I wish I lived closer so I might help you out. Not only do I do windows, I am the dishwashing King around here.
    threecollie said...
    Lordy, what you have been through lately. I am so very sorry.
    I hope the doctors get their heads out of...well, I hope they figure out a helpful course of action soon and you can get some relief. we'll be thinking of you in the meantime.
    And I hope your guineas come home.
    Thanks for the Monty Python too...
    bonnie said...
    Glad you're doing a bit better & that the guineas did figure out where home is. Hope you're continuing to improve!

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