Tuesday, May 06, 2008

New House Security System

I installed the new security system today. Guineas. Betsy gave me six.

If you aren't familiar with these birds, they are sort of prehistoric looking. They are from Africa. They are known for a number of things. They lay lovely spotted eggs that make great French toast. They have loud raucous cries that can be heard over long distances--they make these when anything in the slightest bit new appears in their vicinity. They will clear your entire farm of ticks. If you have pheasant in a restaurant, you are most likely eating one of these--they are all dark meat. Their young are called "keets". Unlike many domestic fowl, they do fly.

The other thing they are known for is their monumental stupidity.

These guys will be caged up here for six weeks since it takes that long for them to register a place as "home".

Max is so wildly happy about them that he's had to be tied up. He is already imagining lots of fun games to play with them.

Bebe Goat and I went to Betsy's for his "tutoring" with her burdizzo. She disbudded him for me too. He's pretty pissed but at this age he won't remember anything by tomorrow. Like most Nubians, he's pretty whiny so it's taking him a bit to get over it.

He now has a name. It is "Yang", for the perfectly formed Yang symbol on his forehead--his only white marking.


  1. MK Stover said...
    Wow. Guineas. I love those birds, stupidity and all, probably because I grew up with their watch-bird usefulness.
    I've been contemplating poultry, mostly considering chickens or turkeys. Maybe it's really guineas I need.
    erin ambrose said...
    oooo...i'm jealous of yr guineas, i've always wanted some for the watch-bird factor. one of my shepherd/farmer friends keep hers over in the sheep barn.
    tic removal is a bonus as well.
    threecollie said...
    Color me green with envy. I love guinea fowl, but we don't have any right now.
    texcilla said...
    You'll have 2 dozen before you know it!
    (Yes, it's me! We live in New Mexico now, on a small farm, and I aspire to be just like you, peach brandy an all!)
    Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...
    I have wanted to have some Guinea fowl for some time. I missed out on two at auction some time ago when another fellow afterward claimed he was the winning bid. I gave in expecting another chance some time in spite of the fact I had clearly got them and paid for them when the chap claimed they were his. Unfortunately, I haven't been back to the auction since.

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