Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Writing Crap

The moon is full and the color of a tangerine. Not sure what you'd call that. It's not really a blood moon, though I've heard them called that. It's really orange colored.

Friend Scott is coming this weekend for the Hall Reunion and I asked him to bring me some South Carolina peaches. I'd like to make some peach cobbler and pecan peach preserves. Mainly I'm looking forward to seeing him. He called me from Fort Worth, TX today. He's working a horse show there with the stable he works for now. They are flying him home in time to drive up here for the reunion. He's doing important horsey stuff now and I know it's something he loves

I've been feeling a bit fragile recently. I've been less tolerant of rudeness--particularly rudeness in the literary submissions process. Pubs tend to hang onto my stuff longer than usual. This is okay, as long as it isn't a no simsubs publication. I used to ignore those people--now I'm ignoring that part of their guidelines because if they can't get back to a writer in a week or less they have no business refusing simsubs. It's unreasonable, and everyone knows it. The other thing that ices my shoulders are pubs hanging onto pieces without so much as an acknowledgment for months and months and months. Now that we have Duotrope, we know how long they usually take to respond. I'm a bit more forgiving of the northern pubs, because like most Southerners, I don't expect them to know how to behave.

I'm starting to be more and more selective about who I send things to.


  1. Jo said...
    Glad to hear that Scott is coming back for a visit. Just as glad to hear that he is happy in his new job.

    Good outlook on the northern publishers. As long as you don't raise the bar on their behavior, you can't be disappointed
    Erica said...
    The only time I have ever seen a moon like that was in Tennessee...I believe they are called a "Hunter's Moon."

    We were diving to Eric's house, about 30 minutes away from him, and there was this large grassy thing, somewhere in between a hill and a mountain, and the moon came up right behind it, all huge and orange, that it looked like if you jumped off the somewhere in between a hill and a mountain thing, you could actually land right on the moon.

    It was freakin' AWESOME!

    On a separate note, say Hi! to Friend Scott. He's such a good egg, and seems like such a sweet guy.
    Mallow said...
    A Scott visit!!..please get his address for me as I have a few things I'd like to mail him. Thanks :)

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