Sunday, August 23, 2009


I've been planting moon vines every season since 1992 and have only just now been successful in getting them to grow. No doubt, the lack of goats has been a good thing for my horticultural endeavors. But finally, I have these dinner plate sized blooms twining my porch rails. They start crumpled, like tissues thrown out after a crying jag, and unfold into the twilight. Very O'Keefey, don'tcha think?

I just found out through The Google that my chapbook of queerish themed shorts, "Dancing Dogs and Other Forgotten Tapes," was a finalist in Gertrude Press' 2009 Chapbook Contest. It's nice to know these things.

Happy Sunday.


  1. Tim Jones-Yelvington said...
    Georgia O'Vagina?

    congrats on Gertrude.

    Somebody needs to finally snatch one of your chapbooks out of the finalist pile and get it into print.
    Rosie said...
    Thanks, Tim. Always the fucking bridesmaid, I am. And I don't care what they say...I'm never wearing that dress again.

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