Monday, August 31, 2009

I am so behind in my promos it's not even funny. So, the lovely folks at The Fabulist had this to say about my story, "The Skin Shop"....

You'd think Ms. Griffeth's home "on the verge of the Great Smoky
Mountains National Park" would give her work a pastoral bent. Yet
this wicked bit of flash fiction is sharp-edged, gristly and
grinning, packing some casual consumer biotech and a wryly
fashion-conscious narrator.

I loves me some blurbs.

The thing I love about The Fabulist is the edgy nature of the material they publish. It's not your momma's spec fic--it really goes more into the high literary, magically realistic, surrealist fiction. And when I jump into spec--that's usually where I'm going. When I found them, I was 99 percent sure I'd found the perfect landing place for "The Skin Shop."

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  1. Tim Jones-Yelvington said...
    Very nice, though that pastoral bullshit is slightly ridiculous.

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