Monday, August 24, 2009


I totally get why that crazy bastard Van Gogh was so nuts for them. I have to take pictures of mine every summer and it just never gets old. I especially love how the fat bumble bees dance around on them. They were particularly good this year. I planted them around the house and I expect them to draw the birds all fall. The heads are huge! They are big and droopy now, but I snapped this when they were really lovely--the petals soft, fat and lemon drop yellow.


  1. edifice rex said...
    I love that really tight pattern in the seeds right in the middle few inches of the head. Always reminds me of that string art that was popular when I was a kid, where you ran the strings from nails placed in a pattern around the perimeter? Oh well, love the photo and the previous one was very O'Keefe-y!
    Cubby said...

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