Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pippa One-Eye

This is Pippa, Betsy's one-eyed doe kid. She was born without the left eye and also no tail. I would have probably named her something heinous like "Odinetta". Pippa is way mo better.

Us one-eyed goats gots to stick together.


Note: Someone tried to leave a writing critique for a journal post on the blog. I didn't pass it. There are more than enough venues should one wish to critique my writing in a professional manner. I'm on EditRed and do my serious workshopping on Zoetrope. Those are the appropriate places to do this and I am very receptive to peer review. You may also send me a private email, though there isn't really a way to figure out exactly what I'm going to harvest from the blog. Sometimes I'm just nattering. If you see something you think needs developing--email me and tell me.

Critiquing on a blog, is rather like walking into someone's home, accepting their hospitality and saying, "Your fried chicken tastes like ass." Sort of marks you as a cad and a boor--which is why I saved you the embarrassment of having the comment posted. Because that's what good hostesses do.

Sorry if this comes off a bit snippy "Miss Manners", but for crying out loud people--it's not like I made any secret of the fact I had a stroke last week and lost half my sight. I think I'm entitled to a little fragility. Be nice to me, damnit.


  1. Anonymous said...
    I left a nasty KKK type comment on one of my latest posts, but only because they proved my point with their ignorance. Otherwise I'd have hit the flush button too. Hope you are adjusting, hope it's getting easier. You're in my thoughts.
    Mike Golch said...
    aside from the silly person,a lot of us in blogland enjoy visiting with you.I know that I really do.
    Mallow said...
    yep.. ditto what mike said. By the way that Pippa has a sweet smile.
    MK Stover said...
    Take the crappy comment as a compliment - it means you're getting some exposure. Most of us are not so bad and I like you.
    aaron ambrose said...
    ohhhhh, i like this little goatlie...she's a keeper.
    Rosie said...
    This wasn't really anything mean and I seem to have over-reacted quite a bit. So--it's not a bad thing, I just wasn't at that moment expecting crits here. And, I'm having a lot of ups and downs right now. I need to back off and think before I write.

    I apologize to the commenter involved.
    Anne Johnson said...
    I tried to leave a comment on Edit Red and it didn't take. Thanks for the suggestion about sending an email! I'm so computer illiterate, I never would have thought of sending an email.
    Linda said...
    Pfffffttt, people, that's what the delete button is for!
    We had a no-eyed calf we called Radar. He always knew where he was and I never, ever saw him run into anything.
    Margy Rydzynski said...
    Cute little goat - and it looks like that blog poster got your goat, too!

    Not to worry: it happens. I keep my blogging world and my serious writing worlds in very different places and people should know that. One does contribute to the other, of course, but they're in separate places for a reason.

    And howdy, there, one-eyed lady!
    Jbeeky said...
    I also just like visiting with you. I am sending you a big hug for what you are going through right now.
    Anonymous said...
    Hello there, I think Pippa is a
    real special girl, people have lots
    of different disabilities to live
    with. Animals can enjoy their life
    just as much minus an eye or limb.
    It's good if their not in distress
    and can be given a fair chance at
    life. xxx for Pippa and friends.

    Sue G-UK

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