Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Away in a manger....

So...I'm getting in the jeep to make my once monthly big market trip when I look down in the pasture and see that Blinkin' s udder has filled out. Oh, joy. Looks like I'm getting goat kids for Christmas.

Blinkin is one of my farm goats that has some meat goat bred into her. But she's been bred to one of my lovely Nubian boys so the kids she has will qualify as grades and in a few generations their kids will qualify as American Nubians.

Her udder isn't great since she's got one forked teat, but she's really hardy and I'd like to pass that trait on to my herd. Blinkin' can almost thrive on air. I've got her tethered and bedded under the back porch so I can keep an eye on her. She's in early labor right this moment. I know she's going to be happy to get those babies out of there. You can't tell from the photo but she's really huge. I'm thinking twins at least.

I've got all my kidding supplies out and am sleeping on the sofa tonight in case she starts to drop in the middle of the night. The Saanans aren't due for another few weeks but it looks like the boys took care of Blinkin' earlier than expected.

Cross your fingers for us that they are doe kids. I gots too many boys right now anyway.

I'm in for a long night, looks like.

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  1. Luna*tic said...
    Good Luck Rosie! You'll have to call them Dawn & Eve if they're born on Christmas :) If they're born today, Solstice (Solly for short) & Yule :)

    Wish I could experience that just once in my lifetime!

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