Saturday, December 09, 2006

My dear friend, Hope Nunnery, was in touch with me today.

I've known Hope for over half of my life. We were in school together at the University of South Carolina. She was a graduate student and I remember really looking up to her. I was a silly, callow undergraduate and she was one of the people I idolized.

Hope can remember when I first started to write, back when I took seminars under William Price Fox. He told me I needed to get out there and "live". I probably took his advice a bit too close to heart...for I have certainly done that. Perhaps with a bit too much enthusiasm. Now I have some real things to write about.

She had and still has a voice as big as the sky. I remember going to the old Grow Cafe in Columbia to hear her. It was a really wacky old place. I remember the dusty floors and the smell of stale Budweiser blended with clove cigarette smoke and old dusty floors. The Grow had this mural of The Incredible Hulk painted on the wall outside. I guess it was sort of a dive...but it seemed sort of exotic and hip to me.

I can see Hope standing up there with her guitar. I can still remember how her voice filled that room. She was one of my "coolest" friends. She still is way up there on the "coolness" factor and lives in New York City.

My main influence was rural South Carolina Southern Baptist church music. And I would attend the Pentecostal churches during revival time and singing conventions. And there was the country music that was played on the radio. Johnny Cash and Hank Williams were like a member of the family. For years I thought Johnny Cash was my Daddy's best friend and in a way I believe he was.
She and Steve Tarshis will be releasing their first album, "Wilderness Lounge" in early 2007. They've recently been named finalists for the Independant Music Awards for two of their songs. You can download some of their work from Supersonic EPK.

If you like them...and I know you will...please buy "Wilderness Lounge" when it comes out!

Sweep My Yard Clean

Written by: Hope Nunnery and Steve Tarshis

One baby cooing in the fruit crate
One sleeping in a drawer
An angel kicking in my belly
Jesus please don't send no more, but

Mister Sweet pea standing yonder
Reverend peeking through the crack
Deacon hunkered by the corn crib
Satan crawling up my back

Sweep my yard clean
No more tracks 'round my yard
I sure could use some comfort, but I
Keep my broom standing guard

In black dark night of lonesome
A sweet voice called to me
Say "baby my name is Jesus
Let me rock you on my knee"

Never knew my Daddy
Never knew my Daddy name, but
Now I got a Daddy
Sweet, sweet Jesus is His name

Sweep my yard clean
No more tracks 'round my yard
I sure could use some comfort, but I
Keep my broom standing guard

Cut a heap of broom straw, it all
Bunched and tied with twine
Gonna whoop that old temptation
I ain't no mans concubine

Sweep my yard clean
No more tracks 'round my yard
I sure could use some comfort, but I
Keeps my broom standing guard

Isn't she cool?


  1. Melanie said...
    Rosie! Melanie (Mushi) here -- wanting you to know that someone is reading your blog! I will read more in the coming weeks!

    Missed you online!

    Lots of love coming from NYC -- and wishing I was living the simple creative life that you are!
    Rosie said...
    Hey Mushi! I miss you guys lots. I just can't nav Buzz like I used to. Thanks for dropping by!
    Anonymous said...

    I'm lookin forward to reading you more too.

    Is tonight Blinkli's labor? Or last?


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