Thursday, December 07, 2006

Snow falling on water...

I'm tired. I have that punchy feeling where you can feel your blood vibrating in your veins.

I hate that.

I was just falling asleep this morning as the dawn charged over the horizon. I'm not sure why I stayed up all night, but I just did. So when the phone rang at eleven, I wasn't really half awake. But six hours is better than nothing.

So...I got nothin' for you today. I'm really really happy with Little Men. That's the sort of work I do when I'm well rested.

This morning was warmish in a weird way and the clouds came closing in on the blue sky. By afternoon it began. Great white globby snow flakes. I so love the first snow. I had to run to the store and stood out in it for a moment. In a moment of madness, I lifted my head to the sky and stuck out my tongue, letting those icy clumps fall and melt. They felt like little fairy needles.

Perhaps it was the exhaustion. I experienced a rare moment of Zen seeing on my way home. I stopped the jeep by the "Rope Hole", a local swimming hole with a rope swing. I saw the snowflakes falling on the rushing mountain water in a moment of crystal clarity. I zoomed in with my entire being to the moment before the snowflakes hit the water. I think they seemed to pause for a moment, as though knowing death was near.

I have no words to describe how unspeakably beautiful this was. It was a visual haiku.

But I have no words for you now. I'd just drown you in adjectives.

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  1. Luna*tic said...
    Hey Miss Rosie - I've missed you at buzznet. I'm glad to have found your blog. I hope you are well! xoxo
    Denaliluna aka Kirsty

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