Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Day

I'll have a story up soon. But as I's a really dark one and I don't want to put it up during the holidays. Or at least until after Christmas.

So...I'm just going to pratter about aimlessly.

I still have no goat babies. We are getting very close now, though. Last night she started the restless pawing and laying down. Then getting up and doing it all over again. It's sort of annoying. I'm working on my computer and it's like trying to fall asleep next to someone who keeps tossing and turning.

I've had many conversations with Betsy, my Goat Yoda, over the past week. She agrees that it does indeed sound like delivery is imminent. I discussed with her the problem of Blinkin's skittishness. The Winkin', Blinkin' and Nod trio came from a place where they were shot at with a shotgun full of ratshot every time they got out. They are, understandably, distrustful of people. I'm concerned since I may have to milk Blinkin' if one of these babies comes out needing to be bottle raised.

Betsy says I should smear myself with the birth fluids and allow Blinkin' to lick them off of me, thus associating me with the kids. I'm not sure at what point in this procedure I'm supposed to recite the lesbian tone poem to interpretive dance movements....but I'm sure it's gotta be there somewhere.

Now for an awkward segue into what I fixed for dinner today....

My friend Scott came over today for Christmas lunch. Overjoyed with the prospect of getting to cook for someone other than myself and dog children (who, quite frankly, do not have the most discriminating palates), I went rather overboard. Though it isn't Friday, I thought I'd share my holiday menu.

Virginia Ham with Bourbon Glaze and Ginger Pear Chips
Grilled Winter Squash Medley
Cornbread Dressing with Apples and Walnuts
Creamed Sweet Corn
Turkey Craw Pole Beans
Sweet Potato Booze Souffle
Dill Pickled Green Tomatoes
Pumpkin Pie
White Merlot

What I loved most about this meal is the fact that I grew and harvested all of the vegetables including the pumpkin used for the pie right here on the farm. I made and canned the ginger pear chips and the dill-pickled green tomatoes. The meal was a huge success and even Scott's 6 foot 9 inch frame was stuffed to capacity.

I really miss feeding people.

Hope everyone had a great day and ate entirely too much. I know I did.

Gotta go....Blinkin' is having contractions!!!


  1. stephen said...
    Damn! Quite a feast you had there! Sounds delicious indeed.

    Just got back from the airport and my body is confused by the climate change (San Diego to Portland). A very short trip home for the holiday.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, I'll be checking back for some more of your great stories!
    Anonymous said...
    The sound of that menu, I'd be happy to put my feet under your table anytime you wanna send an invite. :)

    Glad to hear Blinkin's finally getting with the program.

    Luna*tic said...
    Wow Rosie! What an amazing spread that must have been - where are you posting the recipes!?!? And white merlot? I have never heard of that - could you recommend a bottle for us to try?

    Merry Christmas & happy kidding! I can't wait to hear more stories!
    Mary said...
    Merry Christmas ! Did that goat kid yet?!

    Peaches with ginger chips, yum. Do you have any idea what a slave to making crystalized ginger I have become!

    Rosie said...
    Hey Kirsty!
    Most of that food was fixed sort of as most good southern cooks work...a pinch of this and a pinch of that. That sweet potato recipe in on last friday's post. Maybe I'll do some recipes for Friday. Though...most of that stuff was pretty simple. The white merlot is just plonk. It's pink so I figured it'd go with ham. Aside from the color thing...I'm really not very good with wine lore.

    Hey!!! Maddie!

    No..she is really taking her time. She blew her plug around noon yesterday and has been having contractions on and off, but no serious labor. I talked with Goat Yoda at the Walmart today and Betsy thinks it may be triplets and that's why she's taking so long to get them into position.
    Luna*tic said...
    "Blew her plug" - god, I love you Rosie! I hope you take pics of yourself covered with the birthing blood reciting the lesbian tome and dancing! I would SO feature pic that on buzznet! :)

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