Sunday, April 29, 2007

Happy Sheep ~ Happy Sunday

This past week, Friend Scott located a round bale of hay for me. It was desperately needed since the pasture still has not recovered. I'm nervous about the hay situation. I'm trying to reserve 10 or 15 of these bales for next winter from the current season. The fellow can't commit right now since he doesn't know how much he'll be able to hay. He, himself, has 500 head of cattle to feed. Normally by this time of year, the fields are full of farmers on tractors cutting hay.

The critters seem to need me to go up there every day and show them the hay. It's clearly right in the middle of their living quarters. They can get to it at will. But they insist that I come up there and put my hands on it and pull parts of it off the trailer. It's like critter communion.

Hope you are having a very happy Sunday.


  1. Manarva said...
    I too am running short on hay, and am getting very nervous too. My uncle, whom I usually buy from is short, so I'm short, and I am frantically wondering where oh where I will feed my girls from?

    (if you see a gal with 2 horses in tow on the side of the road it's probably me...)
    googiebaba said...
    Hi Rosie, its so funny that they need you to show them where the hay is. It was like when my boy insists that I hold the bottle for him when I put him to bed at night, even though he can do it himself. Its just the routine, and I am not allowed to change it.
    Chris said...
    Rosie, if your big sis did audition for a part on "Miami Vice," it's too bad she didn't get it. Was there ever a part Simone landed that she DIDN'T have to audition for?
    Anonymous said...
    I still have enough rounds from last fall to bring you one- and I already reserved 24 rounds from the first cutting my hay man has- if Scott wants to drive to Swansylvania bring back two at a time, I can introduce you- I can also up my 2nd cut order later this summer so we can be sure to get enough.

    I'll be bringing in some later this week-

    goat yoda
    Peggy said...
    Rosie, Thank you for stopping by my blog! I have enjoyed reading yours and am going to add it to my blogroll. My oldest daughter lives in Parrotsville, TN! I love going to Newport for their fall festival. My daughter has dwarf goats and does wild animal rescue with some agency. They have baby squirrels right now but usually have baby raccoons, fox and assortment of wild animals. They feed them and care for them and gradually wean them back to the wild. I love your goats! I am just getting started and only have 3 registered nubians but want to grow. They are my children and I love each ones personality. Sorry to rattle on but I will be back and thanks again for stopping by!!
    Rosie said...
    Hey Betsy...

    Thanks, this guy can sell me one more round from his stock....and it's beautiful that should get me through until haying season starts. He's just in Edwina, so if he finds he has enough to sell me from this season, I'm going for it. Funny...he keeps it out in the pasture and there's barely a lick of mold on the outside.

    Peggy, I'm so glad you visited! I really loved your blog...there's not many of us goat-bloggers. My guys are registerable Nubians to Saanens...I'm working them toward being registerable American Nubians in a few generations. Betsy is my "goat yoda"...if I read the situation with your doe correctly, I think Betsy would advise getting some calcium into her. They stall on their labor sometimes if they have a deficit.

    Betsy...if you read this could you check on Peggy's blog? One of her does is doing a "Blinkin'"...what was that calcium stuff you said to give them?

    Peggy, Parrottsville is close-by. I live off The Fifteenth near Del Rio. I'm involved with rescue as well...cocker spaniels.
    Anonymous said...
    I'd be real careful about feeding any hay that is stored outside and uncovered- the mold may not *appear* to be on the outside, but 3 inches in it will appear and can go on for several more inches and can be a silent killer of goats- one reason they may not be wanting to eat it.

    goat yoda

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